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Bijouterie Markor Jewellery has been a family business for over 40 years.

Michel S. Lalonde, owner and jeweller, started his career in 1976 at ‘La boîte à bijoux’, owned by his parents located in the ‘Marché Lalonde’ grocery store in Alfred.

In 1982, as business grew, and with a passion for jewellery, ’La boîte à bijoux’ relocated to a larger location and became Bijouterie Markor Jewellery.

In August 1991, they joined the Canadian Jewellery Group and Michel’s father was nominated as Director of the group.

In 2006, Michel bought ‘Bijouterie Markor Jewellery’ from his parents and continued to provide personalized and exceptional service.

In 2010, Markor Jewellery was awarded Central Retailer of the Year for Canada.

Today, Markor Jewellery is also a member of the Canadian Jewellery Association, The Quebec Jeweller’s Corporation and a registered member of the government certified Canadian Diamond retailer club.

The Markor Jewellery family includes Michel S. Lalonde, owner and jeweller with experience in gemology, Cassandra Lalonde who is a certified gemologist, and Manon Bourgeoys who is a certified jewellery advisor. Michel and Cassandra are also both certified in diamond classification. Together with the help of their passionate staff, they take pride in guiding you through your important purchases . It is an honour to share the special moments in your life whether an engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, promotion, or just because.

For every purchase, we offer gorgeous gift-wrapping with handmade bows!

We always strive to offer you an exceptional experience!

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